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Painting the home workshop

Art Workshops in Wirral

'Painting the Home: Natural Light and Interiors' (SB011)

This workshop was last run on 10th February 2015. Please contact me to request a repeat running of this workshop. The workshop was initially run as a full-day workshop, but may be condensed to a half-day. However, the longer the day, the more we achieve! More information on my workshops...

Step-by-step guide to painting the home
Step-by-step tuition guides students through the reproduction of an interior painting by Hammershøi

The Painting the Home workshop will explore differing approaches to the representation of domestic interiors in paint. In the morning session students will be guided through the reproduction of a section of a painting depicting a naturally-lit interior. The intention of this exercise is to introduce students to a potentially new way of working. It is intended to engender a growing sense of familiarity with an alternative working methodology. Students will be invited to bring a photograph of their own choice depicting a domestic interior under natural lighting conditions, which they will paint in the afternoon session, incorporating new skills acquired in the morning session.

The workshop will take place under my tuition in my home studio - a light and airy conservatory - in the Wirral. Student numbers will be kept to a minimum (2 or 3 students) to facilitate one-to-one tuition. The workshop will offer step-by-step tuition in an informal, friendly atmosphere, where students and tutor can bounce ideas off one another. It is my intention that students enjoy a productive, informative and fulfilling day. The class is suitable for beginners or more experienced artists. More information on my workshops...


10:00 - 10:30

A brief introduction to different approaches to the depiction of domestic interiors and an open discussion on technique.

10:30 - 13:00

Each student will choose a reproduction of a naturally-lit interior painting. Students will then be guided through the production of a copy of their selected painting utilising as many technical aspects of the original artist's technique as feasible. You will not be expected to complete this work. It will be used as a means to familiarise yourself with a working technique.

13:00 - 14:00

Lunch break

14:00 - 17:00

Under guidance, students will take what they have learned from the morning session into the production of their own work. Students are encouraged to provide their own photographs in order to make their work more personal.

Please note that timings are approximate - I will make every effort to ensure that students are fully conversant with appropriate principles before moving on to subsequent stages - there is no rush and you will be under no pressure or expectations. Students may work in whichever medium - traditional oils, water-mixable oils, alkyds, acrylics etc. - you would prefer. I will produce a demonstration piece in oils prior to the workshop. By the end of the workshop you should have a finished domestic interior painting and be familiar with basic elements of composition, application of paint and use of colour. Hot and cold drinks with nibbles will be provided, as will a cold lunch.

Learn how to paint interior scenes
Learn how to paint interior scenes